Palliative Care- A Comforting Goodbye

An introduction to End of Life Care. This course aims to give you an overview of two aspects of palliative care including Comfort Care and Medical Care. The Course will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Course Content

Module 1- Principles of Palliative Care

  • What is Palliative Care?
  • Philosophy of Palliative Care
  • End of Life Care
  • National End of Life Care Standards
  • Who is involved in the end of life care?
  • Family Carers

Module 2- Needs of Dying Patient: Emotional and Social Care

  • Fundamental Needs
  • Common Fears
  • Environmental Issues
  • Communication
  • Using Silence
  • Using the Sense
  • Spiritual Care

Module 3- Adequate Medical Care

  • Client is Breathless
  • Client has a Sore or Dry Mouth
  • Client has Difficulties Swalling
  • Client is in an Altered State of Consciousness
  • Client is Restless
  • Client is Immobile

Module 4- The Phases of Dying

  • Pre-Active Phase of Dying
  • Active Phase of Dying
  • Signs of Death
  • After Death has Occurred
  • What to do when a Client Dies
  • Post-Mortem Care


This course contains an online certification exam at the very end. On successfully passing the final certification exam you will be issued with a certificate.

Cost: €55


The course can be taken at any time and any place so all that is required is an internet connection and a computer. Completing the course will use approximately 15MB of data which is roughly the same as watching a 5-minute YouTube video. You can complete the course on any pc, laptop or tablet device.

Other Information

You do not have to complete the online course in one sitting, and you can also break it into small chunks if you wish. Should you have to leave the course unexpectedly, it will remember where you were the last time you left it. How long it takes you to complete the online course in Palliative Care-A Comforting Goodbye really depends on you, but 45 minutes is a good guideline.


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