FAR (First Aid Responder)

First Aid Response (FAR) is a new training standard developed by the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council of Ireland. The objective of FAR is to improve and replace the current Occupational First Aid course and have a standardised syllabus nationwide. FAR also includes the full Cardiac First Response Community Standard.

Venue: Donaghy Safety Training, Newtowncunningham Business Park, Lifford, Donegal


10th, 11th & 12th May 2021

Times: 9.30pm-3.30pm

This course is for anyone wanting to learn how to recognise and care for people with life-threatening injuries before the arrival of healthcare practitioners.

There is no prerequisites for this course. However, students should be physically well enough to carry out CPR as well as other practical skills.

To reserve a place please contact 0749140481

Experienced Forklift

This course is designed to create awareness for experienced and non-experienced operators. This course is delivered through theory and practical works in which the applicant will be assessed on the safe manoeuvring of a Forklift.

This Course Objectives

  • Legal Aspects of Forklift Operations
  • Types of Forklift Trucks
  • Daily Inspection procedures
  • Stability of the Forklift
  • General Safety Rules
  • Loading & Stacking
  • Correctly pick up and put down the load at different heights
  • Safely park and stop truck at end of operating

Venue: Donaghy Safety Training, Newtowncunningham Business park, Lifford, Donegal


Monday 16th January

Times: 9.30am

Certification: On successful completion of this fork lift training course candidates will be awarded with a Donaghy Safety Training Card (4 Year Certification)

Course Requirements

  • Candidates must be at least 18 years
  • 1x Passport Photo
  • 6 Months Forklift Operational Experience


  • Theory Exam
  • Practical Assessment
  • Places reserved by booking only. Contact: 074 9140841

MEWP/Boom Lift/Scissor Lift – Donegal

Venue: Donaghy Safety Training Ltd, Newtowncunningham Business Park, Lifford, Donegal


Thursday 15th December

Friday 20th January


MEWP’s are widely used in the workplace and are becoming the preferred method of access. However, operators often use this machinery without any training. This course trains operatives in safe procedures and methods of operating a MEWP.

On successful completion of the course delegates will be able to:

Operate a MEWP Safely and correctly in accordance with the Handbook

Clearly understand the causes of instability while operating a MEWP

Be able to carry out daily inspections of the MEWP

Work Safely at a Height

Course Content

  • Legislation and the use of MEWP
  • Basic Types and Specification of MEWP
  • Hazards associated with using MEWP
  • Daily pre0use checks and maintenance requirements
  • Safety precautions while using MEWP
  • Positioning of the MEWP
  • Raising and lowering the MEWP safely and correctly
  • Emergency Procedures

Method of Delivery

Powerpoint Presentation

Practical Demonstration

Theory & Practical Assessment

Duration: 1 Day

*Discount Available When Booking M.E.W.P & Working @ Heights*

Places reserved by booking only. Contact: 074 9140841